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Rule and Regulations at AKFDC:

AKFDC Football Coaching Courses (Non Residential):

AKFDC aims to make the student a better player using the latest international training methods. Each age group will have a specialized method of training in a fun environment.

The Centre has FA licensed Coaches.

Each session is an hour of high intensity training with technical work. The session will focus on one aspect of the game such as Passing, Shooting, Control, Dribbling etc.
Children are encouraged to develop their skills and to enhance their ability to their advantage. Adapting to different game conditions & make quick decisions. Mini games help children to cope in competitive match situation & build their confidence.
The importance of warming up & cooling down, nutrition, match day anxieties are discussed. Children learn to motivate each other and be a team-player. Children will learn to THINK !!!


The objective of AKFDC is to provide the mainstream of national football with a perennial pool of young footballers trained and oriented to international standards. The strategy is simple - "CATCH THEM YOUNG" and give them the best, in terms of training with modern techniques, tactics, physical and psychological conditioning and related inputs.

If countries like Brazil, with a similar socio-economic back ground, can be World Champions over and over again – then why not India?

AKFDC believes that the road to the World Cup starts with our children.

To be the best, train with the best

Our Vision

AKFDC has set up the objectives in order to help improve the standard of football.

  • To expose children to the latest training methods
  • To produce technically excellent and innovative players, with exceptional decision making skills.
  • Changing rooms with wash room and shower facilities
  • To train, develop, qualify and support more innovative coaches; who are excellent teachers of the game.
  • To build a national club team.
  • To develop world class facilities.


  • Lecture rooms with presentation facilities.
  • Good turf ground for practical sessions.
  • Changing rooms with wash room and shower facilities
  • Well equipped gymnasium with fitness monitoring staff and sports science specialists.
  • Vehicle parking at the campus of AKFDC.

AKFDC Football Coaching Courses

  • A programme of study accompanied with professional football development and coaching
  • Football coaching to a International standard
  • Coaching is available for all season.
  • Timings: (Monday to Friday)
    • Morning: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
    • Evening: First Batch - 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. | Second Batch - 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Fees
    • Registration Fees (One Time) Rs. 200/- and Monthly Fees Rs.1000/-
    • Three Month Fees (One Time In Advance) Rs.2700/-
  • Weekend Batches (Saturday & Sunday)
    • Saturday: 5:00 p.m. - 06:30 p.m.
    • Sunday: 7:00 a.m. -8:30 a.m.
  • Fees
    • Registration Fees (One Time) Rs.200/-
    • Monthly Fees Rs.600/-
  • Group A - 5 to 11 years. Group B - 12 to 16 years

Code of Conduct for the Player/Student

Players / Student are the most important people in the sport. Playing for the team, and for the team to win, is the most fundamental part of the game. But not winning at any cost - Fair Play and respect for all others in the game is fundamentally important.

Obligation toward the Game

A player /student should;

  • Make every effort to develop their own sporting abilities in terms of skill, techniques, tactics & stamina
  • Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance during the game
  • Set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters
  • Avoid all forms of time wasting
  • Always have regards to the best interest of the game, including where publicly expressing an opinion on the game and any other particular aspect of it, including other involved in the game
  • Not use inappropriate language

Respect for the Laws Of The Game and Competition Rules

A player /student should;

  • Know and abide by the laws, rules and spirit of the game, and the competition rules
  • Accept success and failure, victory and defeat equally
  • Resist any temptations to use banned substances or use banned techniques

Respect Towards Opponents

A player /student should;

  • Treat Opponents with due respect at all times, irrespective of the result of the game
  • Safe guard the physical fitness of opponents, avoid violence and rough play, and help injured opponents

Respect Towards Team Officials & The Centre

A player /student should;

  • show respect to the properties and facilities of the club
  • be on time for training, practice and matches
  • show due respect to the team officials & coaches of your team & opposing team

NOTE: The player will have to provide a fitness certificate from any MBBS doctor. AKFDC will not be responsible for any health issues occurred during the training sessions of the player.

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